An African filmmaker’s journey into the HIV and COVID pandemics.

When a potentially devastating new virus emerges in early 2020, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Rehad Desai is already following a vaccine clinical trial that could finally end the decades-long HIV pandemic. Widening his lens to trace this “tale of two pandemics,” Rehad confronts the harsh reality that, while antiviral drugs are vital, eliminating the accelerating threat to humanity from emerging diseases requires making those drugs available to all, while also tackling the poverty, malnutrition and lack of access to healthcare that are fuelling the rise of dangerous new pathogens — and the clock is ticking.


Lack of oxygen leaves patients in Africa gasping for air

As Covid-19 spreads throughout Africa, a potentially deadly lack of oxygen is leaving patients gasping for breath. Many are having to go without this essential treatment. Read the Full Articles Here

The inside story of Recovery: how the world’s largest COVID-19 trial transformed treatment – and what it could do for other diseases

Two years ago this week, the Recovery trial transformed the care of COVID patients with its dexamethasone announcement. Within four hours, the steroid was included in NHS treatment recommendations… Read the full article here.

MSF responds to latest WHO recommendation for a COVID-19 therapeutic, baricitinib

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) calls on governments to take immediate steps to ensure that patent monopolies do not stand in the way of access to this treatment.   Read the full article here.

COVAX: A broken promise to the world

The rapid rate at which scientists produced multiple highly effective COVID-19 vaccines was an epic public health achievement. Yet as the data reflect, efforts over the past year to equitably distribute those vaccines have been a failure.   Read the full article here.

Critique of “Leftwing” Antivax Disinformation: Antivaxxers of All Stripes Pose a Serious Threat to Public Health

IN THE UNITED STATES, most of the Covid antivax agitation comes from rightwing sources. Read the full article here.

Omicron is the new COVID kid on the block: five steps to avoid, ten to take immediately

South Africa reacted with outrage to travel bans, first triggered by the UK, imposed on it in the wake of the news that its genomics surveillance team had detected a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus… Read the full article here.

Divided and paralysed, can the WTO negotiate a pandemic recovery plan that is fair for all?

Hard on the heels of the political deal-making by major powers and corporate lobbyists at the COP26 climate conference, similar manoeuvres are shaping the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12), scheduled to begin on November 30 in Geneva. Read the full article here.

A tale of two pandemics: the true cost of Covid in the global south

While the rich nations focus on booster jabs and returning to the office, much of the world is facing devastating second-order coronavirus effects. Now is the time to build a fairer, more responsible international system for the future. Read the full article here

How Bill Gates Impeded Global Access to Covid Vaccines

Through his hallowed foundation, the world’s de facto public health czar has been a stalwart defender of monopoly medicine. Read the full article here.

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